Lettuce wraps

Breakfast and dinner tend to be easy when it comes to meals. I typically struggle with what to eat for lunch. This leads to me skipping lunch most days and just eating some fruit or whatever I had on my shelf in the apartment to get me through the day. This is a habit that I want to break.

Yesterday I decided to stop by the deli when I was at the grocery store and picked up some honey turkey and pepper-jack cheese (delish combo). The thought of having sandwiches for lunch this week just didn’t sound appealing at the time. Somehow I thought to make lettuce wraps instead of sandwiches. I bought romaine lettuce and figured I could use it for the wraps as well as make salads for meals this week.

My wraps consisted of 1 piece of romaine lettuce, 1 slice of turkey, and 1/2 slice of cheese for each wrap.



I was kind of surprised at how much I loved this! The crispness of the lettuce along with the turkey and cheese combo was awesome. Just what I wanted for lunch! I think I will bring them again tomorrow 🙂


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