New Sneaks!

I finally got new sneakers!!! So long overdue…

When I was in PA with the fam I was lucky enough to invest in a new pair of running sneakers. My sister works at Finish Line to bring in some extra cash while she’s living out her final college days. I had to take advantage of her discount while I was in the area! Unfortunately they didn’t have my size in the store so I’ve been waiting patiently for them to arrive to my apartment. I was happy to arrive home from work yesterday and see a package at the door for me :). This time around I invested in a pair of Brooks sneakers. I have never worn this brand before and I can’t wait to go for a run after work to try them out!

I have also never worn a pair of black sneakers…and with pink?! Who am I?

I like ’em 🙂 and they are super comfy! Lets hope they help me accomplish 13.1 miles! 25 days and counting!


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