Weekend recap!

I have completely neglected my blog this weekend.

Let’s bring you up to speed with a quick recap, shall we?

On Friday after my full time job I had a few minutes to myself before heading to my part time job. I was soo upset about having to go to work when the weather was so nice but walking out of the restaurant on Friday night with some extra cash in my pocket felt pretty good.

Saturday I woke to my alarm going off. I hate when I have to set alarms on the weekend. I rolled out of bed and got out the door to head to work. So much for having weekends off!

Once work was over on Saturday, Leigh (one of my roommates) and I decided we needed to go for a long run in preparation for the upcoming half marathon. I discovered a good 8+ mile loop so we decided to go with that. Which reminds me…

Training work out:

Friday: day off


  • 8.3 mile run
  • 15 sit ups
  • 125 push ups

Sunday: day off

It was really nice to run with someone else. We kept a good pace the whole time and both said we felt like we could have run longer if we needed to. This is good considering we will need to run 5 miles more than that in just a few weeks!

This brings us to Saturday night. I was craving something filling for dinner since I didn’t eat much all day. I put together some chicken parm and chowed down.

It was pretty darn delicious and just what I was in the mood for.

Now it was time to get ready for the night. Party time!! It’s so nice to get together with all of the girls. All of our schedules are so busy and I really enjoy it when our schedules all match up and we can have some fun together. Martinis were on the menu last night. A few people were drinking dirty martinis and I prepared a caramel apple martini that I gladly shared with everyone.

In my martini I put 1 shot of butterscotch schnapps to 1.5 shots of sour apple vodka. I promise it is delicious (if you like sweet drinks)!

I have been on the biggest martini kick lately. It all started when I went out to lunch with my parents about a month ago and got a white chocolate martini. See the deliciousness below.

white chocolate martini aka deliciousness

Ever since this delicious drink I always want to order martinis to try them. I tried a key lime martini when I was in New York with Phil.

key lime pie martini

This was delicious as well.

My home made martinis aren’t nearly as good as the ones that I buy out, but that is mainly because I am too cheap to buy all the good ingredients to make them super delicious. But anyway, moving on to Sunday….

My Mom and Gram came down for a visit today. They arrived just before noon. This gave us the whole afternoon to spend time together around Boston. We had a delicious brunch at a restaurant called Reagle Beagle. Then we headed downtown to enjoy the nice weather. I snapped a few pics along our walk :).

assorted tulips in Boston Common

The yellow were my favorite

This statue is a real person.

Every time you would put a dollar in the bucket the statue would move. This particular one handed you a fortune if you gave him a dollar. I saw another set that did a little dance and then struck a new pose until someone gave them money. How much do you think these people make in tips?! I am very curious to know.

Once my mom and gram headed back to Maine, I was ready for some lazy time. The roommates joined me in the living room and we spent our Sunday night watching a Real Housewives of Orange County marathon (addicting).

I have an 11:00 skype date with Phil so I gotta get going 😀 :D.

One last thought….can you believe that it is already MAY?! Believe me, I am not complaining. I am so ready for summer but where does the time go?!


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