My walk to work this morning was a beautiful one! I wanted the 15 minute walk to last a lot longer. The birds were chirping, the sun was out, the temp was in the 60s…all was and still is good!

I got to work today to find no breakfast in my desk. I typically keep cereal or granola in my desk so I can eat breakfast once I get to work…but apparently I ate it all! I was bummed that I would have to buy breakfast and lunch today (I thought I was getting free lunch today but that got changed to Monday, ugh). And then I remember a coworker telling me that if you sign up to receive emails from Brugger’s Bagels, you can get a free bagel. So I did just that! Click here and you can get a free bagel too!

Rosemary and olive oil bagel

with plain cream cheese

I had never tried a rosemary and olive oil bagel but I was feeling a little adventurous this morning so I went for it. I feel like when something is free you might as well try something you’ve never had before! That way if you don’t like it, you didn’t waste any money! Over all the bagel was okay…I’m not sure if I would get it again. It was more of a flavor that should be consumed with dinner, not as breakfast.

Can’t complain about free things! Time to get some work done…Friday is halfway over!

I’ve been singing this song all day…unfortunately.


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