To do lists

Today was a cross everything off your to do list type of day! I live by lists….lists at work, lists for errands, lists for reminders, lists of things I want to buy, and the list goes on. Today it felt good at work when I was able to cross everything off of my to do list! I had initially wanted to designate two hours to making edits and additions to the company website….four hours later I was still trekking along! It felt good to accomplish a lot at work today…but the day still didn’t seem to go by fast enough! I wanted the end of the day to get here so I could hop in my parents car and head for PA to visit my sister.

woo, go Bren!

We are heading to PA to watch my sister kick some butt in her softball games. She is a senior at a small college in PA and has made a name for herself breaking all sorts of school records! We couldn’t pass up heading down to be there for her senior day games! I’m such a proud sister ;).

Off to pack a quick bag before the rents get here and we hit the road!  I have my goodie bag of leftover Easter candy to enjoy during the 6 hour car ride. Wooo, road trip!


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