Three strikes you’re out

There is something about watching Brennan play softball that makes me really happy. I think the whole being outside in warm weather and knowing that summer is creeping in has a lot to do with it. Sitting outside for a double header today was just what I needed. Although it was a little humid and very windy at times, I’d say that it beat a day in the office for sure ;). While watching the game I got to spend some time with my parents as well as see a childhood family friend and I got to catch up with my sisters boyfriend about his semester abroad in London (so jealous).

As the game ended the sky turned to black. I thought to myself….here comes another thunderstorm (yipeee! :)). Luckily we made it back to Bren’s apartment just in time before the rain started. The game couldn’t have ended at a more perfect time. We got ready to go out to din at a local restaurant. I won’t get in to detail about what I ate because again, I didn’t take pictures. Fail.

Lets rewind to the thunderstorm for a second, shall we? The thunderstorms over the last two days have been the most ridiculous, outrageous thunderstorms that I have ever seen. The sky turned a shade of gray that I have never seen before. I honestly felt like I should be grabbing for Toto and running to my tornado shelter.

Gotta love the Wizard of Oz!

After the 10 second walk from the car to the restaurant I got completely soaked. It honestly looked like someone dumped a bucket of water over my head. Good thing I didn’t take a lot of time getting ready tonight ;).

I need to call it a night soon. Gotta hit the road in the morning to head back to Boston! Goodnight, sleep tight!


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