Sushi date

Get through Monday, check!

Monday’s are always a struggle but even more so when the weekend before was so great! After making it through the work day there was one thing on my mind: must. work. out. A bunch of my friends and I are training for a half marathon at the end of May. Not working out for the last 4 days led me to believe that today’s run would be a struggle. I was pleasantly surprised when this wasn’t the case. I put on the Lady Gaga Pandora station and pumped out 6 miles! I highly recommend this station to work out to! I was never a fan of working out to Pandora but after having my hard drive crash….twice…and losing all my music…twice…I gave up on the whole thing. Thank goodness for Pandora!

With our busy schedules my roommates and I rarely cross paths these days. Tonight we planned a sushi date. Yummmm! I went out of the box (for me) and got crazy maki and a vegetable caterpillar roll. I know, I know…so adventurous ;). Oh, I can’t forget the edamame that we got for an appetizer. So delicious! Here I am again, wishing I took pictures of my yummy meal. This is the goal for the next time that I go out to eat. Done and done.

I really need to unpack from my New York weekend and repack for the next few days in PA with the fam. But first…..Bethenny Ever After! Best part of Monday, woohoo!


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  1. LEIGH

    this sushi date would have been waaaay better if your “blonde” roommate read the eversave coupon that said you cant use it the day you buy it…..BUT this means our next sushi date will be super cheap 🙂

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