New York City!!

It is official. I have a new found love for New York City! 😀

Okay, okay, so maybe it was the fact that the weekend was jam packed with fun activities and I finally got to see Phil after 6 weeks of being apart, but something about THIS weekend in NYC makes me want to go back asap! I always found New York to be too big of a place for me. After this weekend I finally discovered that there are much better places in the city than Time Square (which pretty much just freaks me out with its ridiculous bright neon lights and mobs of people no matter what time of day or what time of the year it is). Pure chaos!

The weekend started out with an awesome dinner at a steak house called Delmonico’s with Phil and his dad. After dinner, Phil’s dad wanted to show us around the area a little bit so we went out for a drink. Phil and I had intentions of bringing out the party animals in us and trying to live like New Yorkers and stay up until the wee hours of the morning but after a day of work and traveling we were beat and resided in the apartment for the night. We were excited for the next day and wanted to rest up!

Saturday we woke to rain. Typically a rainy day is a total bummer in my eyes, but we were determined to make the most of it! We zipped up our rain coats, grabbed some umbrellas and took on the rainy day with smiles on our faces. We had planned on getting on the ferry to Staten Island to get a closer look of the Statue of Liberty but decided against it because of the foggy, rainy day. Instead we browsed around a few local stores and then took on the Brooklyn Bridge. As we were walking across I couldn’t help but smile. I was with the person I have the most fun with doing new things that I had never done before! Phil is much more familiar with New York than I am so he was playing tour guide for me 😀 As we started the rainy trek across the bridge we made up our minds to walk all the way across and browse around Brooklyn. The rain limited our explore time but we were able to enjoy a yummy slice of New York style pizza while in Brooklyn. Yum!!

Me & Phil during our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge!

The highlight of the weekend was approaching so Phil and I hurried back to his dad’s apartment to get ready. With a dinner date and a Broadway show on our minds, we were feeling anxious to get “uptown” to take in all the excitement the night would bring. We hopped on the subway and headed uptown (it took me a few minutes to grasp the idea of uptown, midtown, downtown and whatever other areas may be referred to as “something town” in New York City. Lucky for me, Boston just has a downtown…way to keep it simple, Boston)! We made it uptown with plenty of time to kill. We feasted at a delicious Thai restaurant. As we scarfed down our food we talked about how excited we were to see our Broadway show. We were lucky enough to see The Book of Mormon. If you have the chance to see it, you must. It was my first Broadway show and I loved everything about it. As we were leaving the theater Phil and I said that our cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling so much over the two hour show. Amazingly funny and entertaining.

Phil outside the theater...too bad you can't see him 😉

After the show Phil and I decided to stick to our word and stay out “late” like people are supposed to in New York City…..we made it until about 1:30am (hahaha). We are getting old or something! We blindly lead each other around the city looking for bars to go to. We went to two different bars and then had to call it a night. The rain stopped and it was warm and beautiful out. We walked down by the water near his dad’s apartment and admired the city lights.

I’ll give today an A++++ 🙂 A post about our Easter Sunday to follow!


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