Easter Sunday

Traditionally Easter is spent in Maine with the fam where we all get together for a big brunch and enjoy the goods that the Easter Bunny brings ;). With being in New York this past weekend, Phil and I had to create our own little Easter. Yes, there was an Easter basket and lots of candy involved. How could there not be?!

When I walked out to the living room and saw the sun shining through the window, I was ecstatic! Phil and I headed out the door sans rain coats & umbrellas! What a good feeling. We had brunch on our minds so we started walkin!

Brunch was de-lish! Phil and I shared a Belgian Waffle with fresh strawberries and an omelet filled with spinach, onions, bacon, and cheddar cheese. Yummm! (insert picture of food here. mental note for next time). With full bellies, iced coffee in hand, and our sunglasses on we were ready to enjoy a day outside around New York City.

This brings me to sunglasses. I am notorious for wearing obnoxious sunglasses. I have been talking forever about investing in a pair of Ray Bans….and I finally did it!

Ta-Da! New sunglasses!

No more obnoxious sunglasses for me! (okay, that is a lie. BUT, I am very happy with this purchase). Phil was/is the biggest hater when it comes to my other pairs of sunglasses. First he said it was how big they were…then over the weekend he confessed that it was actually the color of the frame that he didn’t like. Make up your mind, buddy ;). Needless to say, I proudly wore my new sunglasses around all day with a smile on my face :). Phil liked them so much that he got a pair too…he was worried of looking too “hipster” but after continuously telling him how cute they looked, he gave in and made the purchase as well. Now we can always be reminded of NY when we wear our matching Ray Bans 😉 (just go along with me being a complete dork, thanks!)

The beautiful day was coming to an end (tear). Phil and I bought sandwiches for a late lunch and ate them on the roof deck at his dad’s apartment. Then it was time to say our goodbyes :(. I HATE this part of visits…but it is what it is. He headed to La Guardia and I headed to China Town….to hop on the Lucky Star! (I was forewarned to not ride this bus, but I made it there and back in one piece!)

Vroom, Vroom!

Back in Boston for now, but not for long, as another trip will be happening mid-week!


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